Chrissie & Mike

October 12th, 2019

Our Story

It all began in March of 2016, when Mike discovered Chrissie on an online dating site and decided to message her. Even though she didn't live in Florida yet, she was moving down from Illinois in about a week.

During her drive to Florida, Mike and Chrissie talked on the phone almost the whole 18 hour drive, getting to know each other before ever even meeting. Arriving in Florida at 2 A.M., after driving 18 hours straight, Chrissie was incredibly anxious to see the ocean and finally meet Mike. The couple planned to meet at a beach near the hotel in Tampa. Instantly recognizing that Chrissie was special to him, Mike decided to save a shell he found on that beach.

Over two years after that evening, the couple decided to go to the beach to watch the sunset together. As they strolled along, Mike took the seashell from the first time they met out of his pocket, and called Chrissie over. She was confused as to why Mike would be showing her a seemingly ordinary seashell, but then as he turned it over to reveal her ring, it all became clear.

About Chrissie

Chrissie has been working in childcare for more than 7 years now and loves putting smiles on kids faces. Chrissie has been working two jobs and comes home and starts working on homework. She is going to school full time online for her Bachelors degree in Psychology and she will graduate this year! She is hoping to find a career in social work helping children. Chrissie enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, horseback riding, exploring new places, walks on the beach at night, swimming, and boating. Chrissie has traveled to several states in her life and she loves to visit anywhere with mountains (if only Florida had mountains). She is beyond excited to travel with Mike and show him the beauty of hiking and horseback riding through the mountains.

About Mike

Mike's biggest passions are technology and fishing. By trade Mike works from home as a Systems Engineer managing cloud computing platforms for large companies. When he is not stuck at his desk he can usually be found in the backyard fishing in the lake, or in the garage working on one of his many projects. Mike enjoys cooking, tinkering with any type of techie gadget, exploring new places, and diving into any DIY project he can find.

The Couple

Chrissie and Mike both love the ocean, fishing, and being outdoors. Less than a month into their relationship, Mike and Chrissie took a spontaneous trip to the Florida Keys and fell in love with the place. During their first trip they stayed on a sailboat. On another trip they camped in a tent on the water, staying up most of the night to try to catch a Tarpon. Both being relatively new to Florida, they experienced their first tropical storm together by going to the beach and watching it come in. When Hurricane Irma came they fled to the Florida Panhandle, with two cats in tow. Chrissie and Mike are looking forward to starting this next chapter of their lives together and seeing what the future has in store for them.